Plant Based Vegan Cheesy Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

Plant Based Vegan Cheesy Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

Plant Based Vegan Cheesy Oyster Mushroom Sandwich With Smoked Tofu


Rye Bread

Oyster Mushroom 400 grams ( torn apart with hands)

1 large Capcicum (diced)

Two medium sized tomato (diced)

Cashew nut 100 grams (soaked in lukewarm water)

3 small sized Onion diced

Three cloves of garlic minced

Three medium sized hot pepper minced

Dried oregano

1 ripe avocado

Tamari/ Soy Sauce (four tablespoon)

Black pepper (half teaspoon)

Chili Powder (half teaspoon)

Vegetable Oil (2 tablespoon)

Smoked Tofu (purely optional cut into small bite size pieces)

Salt to taste


Before starting anything please soak the cashew nut in the lukewarm water to get the most cheesy texture out of it.

Take a medium sized frying pan.

Saute the onion garlic and hot pepper until the onions are golden brown.

If you want to make this recipe oil free that can be absolutely done, just saute them on high heat with a little touch of water when it is drying out too much.

Add the mushroom to the pan.

Add the tamari , black pepper , salt, chili powder to the pan at the same time.

At this moment the mushroom should be releasing lots of water, keep the heat on medium high and evaporate the water from the mushroom  as much as possible.

Give it a good stir and after 15 minutes of evaporation add the tomatoes and the capcicum.

Keep it on medium heat to evaporate more water from capcicum and tomatoes.

While cooking our whole food plant based vegan cheesy oyster mushroom mixture let’s make the cheesy sauce.

Just blend the 100 grams of cashew with one cup of water and blend it smooth.

If you have the high speed blender otherwise there will be some micro bits of cashews if it is a normal blender which is also just fine.

By the time the sauce is made the cheesy vegan oyster mushroom mixture should have the right amount of consistency.

Pour the cashew sauce to the mixture and cook for 3 minutes , do not overcook it or it may get burnt.

Now if you like a crispy toast then either toast it or broil the rye bread in the oven or if you like it soft put it in the microwave for a minute or so.

Spread the mashed avocado on the bread and put the  cheesy oyster mushroom and the smoked tofu on top of the bread and serve it warm. In addition you can top it up with some cucumber and sriracha sauce.

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