An Easy Best and Cheapest Way to Travel Bhutan, Paro, Thimpu, Punakha in Snow.

An Easy Best and Cheapest Way to Travel Bhutan, Paro, Thimpu, Punakha in Snow.

Introduction :

This Article is to guide you how you can reach to Paro Thimpu and Punakha.

Where to Stay and when to go there some places to visit and how you can feel the snow while you are there.  

Bhutan, a country with fine hilly roads, fascinating view and with friendly people. Everything there is beautiful. It is full of magnificent monasteries.

Its main religion is Buddhism. Its air is so fresh that you could feel every time you breath in. And if you like to travel you definitely don’t want to write off from your bucket list.

Spectacular View of Bhutan

When to get there:

The best time to get there is end of January or the beginning of February. The reason is that it is cold in there and it is the cheapest and the quickest way to see snow at that time.

The cold weather also makes other travellers unenthusiastic and hence making it off season.

Resorts and hotels will not be over crowded. Air tickets will be cheap. Travelling cost will be minimal and you can choose whatever room you like once you get there.

How to get there.

We used Druk Airlines to get there and it was a small and cozy plane. We also used our local travel agency to take all the hassle for us and they did a wonderful job. The package included sightseeing for three cities  Paro, Thimpu (the capital), and Punakha. Food three times and plus accomodation and transport for at least 8 hours per day for 6 nights and 7 days.

Where to stay:

  • Wangchuk Hotel at Thimpu

  • Meri Puensum Resort at Punakha

  • Tiger Nest Resort at Paro.

A Little About the Resorts:

Meri puensum Resort at Punakha

I would like to share my experience particularly about this resort because I cannot take off my mind about the scenic beauty I have experienced while I was staying there. The time was mid January.

The resort was placed beautifully, not an inch before or after where it should be placed, I am saying this because you can gulp every single beauty with your eyes and I bet you won’t even need your breakfast in the morning.

The view, the clear air and the sun rays hitting your room’s window when you first open your eyes is totally cinematic. I would like to add that whoever chooses to stay there I think they don’t need anywhere else to go. The food was average.

Morning View from Meri Puensum Resort

Environment was excellent. Wifi is only available when you are at the reception area, well I think you can sacrifice your gadgets while you are there it is more than worth it. People are awesome. Rooms are excellent with a balcony and have a big room with a drawing room attached with it at least I had one. You might have little issues regarding with hot water though. Overall it is a must stay resort.

Wangchuk Hotel at Thimpu

The resort was wonderful with a very antique flavor to its decoration. Wooden floor everywhere.good average room for two people to stay. I would like to mention that it was winter that is it was last of January.

It was a little far and quiet from the city. One who like peace and quiet should definitely try this one with a very good price actually. Once I remember in the morning we tried to get some water from the tap but could not so i called one of them and ask about the problem.

They told me that their water tank got frozen so I need to wait till it melts. So just a little tip whoever travelling Bhutan in winter season  just open a little bit of your tap at the night before you go to sleep. Their hospitality was nice.

The best part was the food and the dining environment. It was just splendid. And a big stone fireplace inside the dining added some real coziness. The taste of the food was awesome. Simple yet delicious.

They had a deck in front of the main gate where a little group can enjoy both the morning and the night view. It was minus 6 when we were there at night. So long for the night view though.WiFi was manageable.

Another thing they had was electric mattress which was very useful though the room heater was not enough. Another thing is that this review is about the Wangchuk Resort not the hotel which was little far from the city and I enjoyed the peace very much.

Where to go:

Chele La Pass in Paro is a place where you will encounter the “white beauty” which I mean is snow and the beauty may leave you speechless and trust me you won’t get enough of it.

Road to white beauty Chelela Pass

One must not miss the “ Buddha Dordenma Statue “ it is a massive 169 foot golden colored Buddha statue high up on the hill.

Dochula Pass is a another spot where you can see the clear view of the Himalayas. It can be seen on the way from Thimpu to Punakha.

A mesmerizing view of the Himalaya from Dochula Pass


Bhutan is a must visit place . A few words won’t describe it you have to experience it yourself. Their favorite sport is archery, they just can’t wait to play their games. People are simple, nice and helpful. There are even monasteries built before the Tajmahal in India.

Overall Bhutan  is a place you must visit and definitely want to carry your lenses and cameras a good strong jacket will do the trick if you are travelling in winter season.

Good pair of boots needed because you have to climb  lots of hilly places if you have to visit the monasteries.

If you do not have the transportation included with your package you can always rent a car for the day and the driver acts both as a driver and a guide.

Summer is a good time too. You can enjoy the water falls and the crystal clear water and can visit more places where the winter weather restricts you to go. And you can find lots of festival happening while you are there in summer time.

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